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Connect.co is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jacobs Capital Pty Ltd – a focussed, private investment company that was established in 2002 and operates in Southern Africa and Mauritius. Jacobs Capital and its subsidiaries have customers and suppliers in China, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Poland, Brazil, Seychelles, Germany, Taiwan and most of Africa.

The management of Jacobs Capital have extensive experience in business modelling and restructuring, followed by operational excellence.

JACOBS-EMBLEM-shieldJacobs Capital purchases or establishes businesses that could generate substantial future value through unique and superior business modelling that will then be supported by operational excellence to ensure that not only is the anticipated future value met but also that Built To Last objectives are achieved.

Jacobs Capital has developed operational management systems that allow companies to be managed very effectively on a principle of real time and fact based information. These systems and the underlying methodology includes fully integrated quality systems, business process management, integrated and real time reporting software and on time business intelligence.

The company has an Investment division (Jacobs Investments) responsible for the performance of subsidiaries and investments only, as well as a Management Services Division (Jacobs Ladder) that delivers Administrative, Financial, Human Resources, IT, Training, Legal and Quality services to both its subsidiaries as well as a number of external customers.

Jacobs Capital and its executive strongly believe that every company develops its own personality and that this personality is demonstrated through the conduct and attitude of each employee. The intrinsic values that motivate the positive outcomes of Jacobs Capital in its relentless drive to achieve strategic goals are the following:

  • Exploration: We have a creative and open minded approach to solving problems where we ensure that we tackle problems from an enthusiastic we say "yes" before "no" approach;
  • Connection: Employees have an increased level of trust amongst each other and this ensures a willingness to accept an extremely high rate of change and transformation;
  • Destination: We have extremely high levels of drive and believe in self-empowered actions where goals are specific and clearly defined.
  • Determination: We have a rigorous focus on tasks and activities with high precision outcomes – we just never give up.

Jacobs Capital targets an average growth in Net Assets of 35% per annum and demands specific strategic and operational objectives from its investments in order to ensure such growth.

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Connect.co is a verified BBBEE Level Five Contributor and ISO 9001:2008 accredited